nevisQ provides a discrete way of analyzing rooms and spaces to detect and track objects and persons with the help of smart sensor stripes and artificial intelligence. It is used i.e. for fall detection and fall prevention in health facilities. Movements are recognized and interpreted. Depending on the use case and based on dynamic data, the option of automated systems installment like automated lights and alarms exist.

nevisQ has used the Microgrants ePlus service to visit the EU StartUp Conference on April 13 2017. During the EU-Startups Conference, and except the new contacts made, nevisQ took part in the big pitch competition with 15 of Europe’s most exciting early-stage startups and was voted as third by the public.

nevisQ was the winner in the category of care and therapy in the start-up challenge that took place during the exhibition "ALTENPFLEGE 2017" in Nurnberg at 25-27 April 2017. The “ALTENPFLEGE 2017” is an exhibition that was visited in its last edition by some 28,000 visitors and in the three days of the event, a total of 660 exhibitors presented innovative innovations and services from the nursing industry.

At the same time during the “EU StartUp Conference” and also the “ALTENPFLEGE 2017” exhibition nevisQ had the possibility to network with organisations interested in the activities it offers and also interested to visit nevisQ showroom. Finally, nevisQ has recently installed its system in one nursing facility and there is interest from a large German TV channel to visit this installation in order to present the solution to the mass public.

nevisQ also published its video pitch to Business Angels on the ePlus channels on 10 June 2017 see here

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