Micro-Grants Round 3 (Apply until June 19)
These Micro-Grants are intended to support the participation in relevant Startup Europe events, relevant workshops, and use of local services in European regions/ecosystems other than the candidate’s base location, contributing towards the promotion and networking at a European level of startups and entrepreneurs with a high maturity level. A set of events or services supporting entrepreneurs has been shortlisted for this round covering the timespan between July and December 2016, but other events will be considered on application.
Nitro: the Extreme Acceleration Event is intended to support start-ups by working intensively on the key points to scale their businesses with the support of world-class experts. During this event, 19 international startups will work together with consultants from Capgemini Consulting, Europe Unlimited, Inovamais and INTRASOFT and their international experts on a wide-range of topics and coaching tailored to their specific needs.
Nitro: the extreme acceleration event
Investment Booklets
Capital exists, but it is in fact too spread out and fragmented over Europe. Europe has more potential than the United States for venture capital (as it has more savings), while Business Angels and crowdfunding can make an asset out of fragmentation. The key is to improve the accessibility to these tools, guiding entrepreneurs to capital.
Gone are the days of training scientists and engineers only to work for someone else. The range of options and opportunities to create a new business is higher than ever accompanying the rapidly evolving entrepreneurial mindset and community in Europe.
This specialized recruitment service for startups supports talent mobility and cross-breeding of innovation. Find interesting opportunities in startups across Europe.

Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Mentors, Incubators & Accelerators, Investors

Join a strong professional network, explore a unique mentoring platform

EntrepreneursConnect to the startup ecosystem

Get inspired, explore new business opportunities, and grow across borders. Access the right combination of content, infrastructure, and finance throughout EU. Find skilled employees and partners wherever they are in the EU.

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ResearchersExplore innovative matchmaking opportunities

Whether you are lacking business skills, looking to explore market-driven innovation, to learn more about entrepreneurship and new trends, or to help shape a new entrepreneurship model in Europe.

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Ecosystem BuildersInvestors, accelerators, corporates

Uniting startup ecosystems to help investors, corporates and accelerators access the best startups across Europe by reinforcing the links between people, business and associations who build and scale up the startup ecosystem.

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Local Initiatives & Policy MakersUpgrade to a European level

A bottom-up "movement" to upgrade local and regional initiatives throughout Europe. Not eliminating existing activities but ensuring that existing networks are part of the right global networks of startups and investors to help local startups to continue growing.

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